Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Monsters of T3h Internetz

Are you ready to ROCK?!
Then crank the speakers to over 9000; it's Monsters of the Internet! Fearuring the artists you know and love. Over 13 hits on 37 CDs. Featuring Tay Zonday! Samwell! GladOS!!!!

1. Dragosta Din Tei (The Numa Numa Song)- O-Zone (4:47)
2. Never Gonna Give You Up- Rick Astley (3:33)
3. Chocolate Rain- Tay Zonday (4:52)
4. Banana Phone- Raffi (3:06)
5. The Badger Song- Unknown (2:54)
6. What What (In the Butt)- Samwell (3:48)
7. The Picard Song- DarkMateria (5:04)
8. All Your Base Remix- Unknown (4:21)
9. Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger- Daft Punk (3:44)
10. Here It Goes Again- OK Go (3:05)
11. Still Alive- GladOS (3:05)
12. Yuri the Only One- Leetstreet Boys (3:09)

Rush delivery available! Get Monsters of t3h Internetz. Not sold in stores.

If there's a demand, I could be convinced to make some CDs. I'm just saying.

Got suggestions, sites, rants, ideas for volume 2? Then either post or send an E-Mail to


Spencer Perry said...

My personal Favorites are 2,8, and 10.

Are you going to continue this like the YTMND Soundtracks?

iamnotsteve said...

You're quick on the draw. I'm already mulling over volume 2.