Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Rumblings of War

Grim news for the Internet. Virgin's Europe division has announced that it will start limiting their users Internet to non Virgin regestered sights. This means that users that try to access sites like Youtube, Facebook, ect. will be faced with service that is intentionally slowed down in order to discourage usage. This is an ovious breach of "Net Nutrality" and is a huge step backwards in everything net wise.

That is not to say that this has gone unnoticed. This video was posted on Youtube shortly after the announcement and summerises things better than I can.

Note: I'd recommend turning off the annotations.

You may be asking yourself, "What can I do about this? Well for one you can bycott Virgin products and services. The ISP lost over 100,000 customers within 24 hours of the announcement, both here and in Europe. Another option is the old standby of writing letters to Virgin and your Senator explaining the importance of the freedom of information and Net Nutrality. Then there's always the more "active" way of handleing things.....

This brings us to my title. My sources tell me that Anonymous (best know for their "war" on the Church of Scientology) has declared a similar war on Virgin and has a number of net based attackes planned out against the company. While neither I nor the University (well duh) condone attacking the company, you can still excercise your freedoms. (see the 1st amendment for speech and assembleing) Protest the comprmise of net nutrality. Spread the word!

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