Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Letter C what?

Now that the little circus better known as an election is over I can have my fun. Here's some of the best internet videos for this past election. (And if a certain Government teacher wants to see anything he can go view this from home. Or a proxy.)

First up, a little fun with party loyalty extremists.

Here's another little Gem from the College Humor Guys, and a major reason the Repubs had me worried this year. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Next up, a news report that we can all get behind. Nothing like a *ahem* "slight" Democratic slant. Lord willing this guy will keep them coming in the future. Warning: If you are easily offended by anything 1) Remove yourself from the internet & 2) Do not view this video.

And Supernews is always good for a lol or three. (Possible offensive content warning)

And just to do something different here's a funny cat video. You know you love them.

1 comment:

Adrian Garcia said...

They just kept getting better and better. I especially enjoyed the cat.